"Fun, bawdy and completely irreverent!"
"Just what the Bard ordered." 
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Photo by Jon Brooks
Photo by Maike Schulz
Photo by Maike Schulz
Photo by Jacinta Oaten
Photo by Maike Schulz
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- Time Out New York
"Brilliantly conceived" 
- The Guardian
"It's one of the most unusual and drunken bacchanal shows in Las Vegas history!"
- Robin Leach, Las Vegas Review Journal
Five sword-wielding actors, one lucky audience member, the Wheel of Soliloquy,  a ton of booze & an entire work of Shakespeare all in an hour and a half...ish! Equal parts bacchanal and classical theater, Shotspeare take's the world's most belov'd playwright, soaks him in beer and flips him on his head. 
And you thought Shakespeare was boring. 
Adaptations include; Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Othello
Adapted & Directed by Matthew Morgan
- The Clothesline